Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Thinking

Wednesday 23 June 2016

So I am looking at moving forward… not my trying to move away from what has been, or was, or even away from the lost potential of what might have been. But genuinely moving forward with my eyes fixed ahead…

What is it that I want for myself, and my kids, and what will that look like?
How can I make it happen?
I am on a journey and I have some amazing, insightful, helpful women with which to share the journey. I am so grateful for their help and support, and for trusting me with helping and supporting them, this is a very real privilege and I am enjoying myself a lot.

Sure I have tears - but what is change if you can't say goodbye to the old? And, somehow it seems fitting that change should hurt a little bit… pain is significant, and so is our journey - so let the tears flow, let the pain come, and let it go again. For the sun will shine in the morning and I will be ready anew with 

Tuesday 22 June 2016

So, while out on my run/walk this morning I discovered I *really* am like an onion ...
I have found the physical energy, when I challenge my body in exercise, pushes the energy into my spirit and I feel so uplifted. 
As the layers of physical baggage peel away from my body it helps me lose the emotional layers - making me lighter, stronger, fitter, shinier, newer and most of all energised and happy. Quietly confident.
Like an onion each new layer is shinier and newer and a little smaller.
I am packed with flavour.😀
I am deliciously when heated up. 😉
I compliment and contrast in dishes with other things in wonderful ways... In both my raw or cooked states…

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