Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Love vs Fear… random thoughts

Some days are diamonds, and some days are stone, is that how the song goes?

Some days, some bad things happen, and it rocks your foundation and you wonder how that is so. Is it possible that the foundation you have is built on such shifting stuff that it is like sand? That one comment, or one reply is just too many to cope with and you just fly off the handle? It rocks your world and your protective garments of ego just unravel and shred, and you are left naked, exposed and vulnerable?

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. We are promised that - did you know??

Love covers our mistakes, while yet holding us responsible for the consequences of our choices... Love is humble, Love is enduring, Love is so strong, and Love is yeilding and Love is so bright. Love shines piercingly into the darkness and conquers it. Love connects us to each other. Love overcomes all hardships. Love is a powerful journey.