Saturday, January 26, 2013

To YOU xo

(Written about a week after the worst day) I saw your family today. It's not real to them yet, but it's slowly changing...  they looked well by the way. We didn't stay long, just dropped a few things off.

So I was driving to our friends place, crossed over the creek that we followed to your backyard. Suddenly I felt you, and I cried. Suddenly it seemed a little too much.

You're ok, I get that. I'm actually happy about that. There is a small piece of joy.

I'm not that great - I'm mad. Today I am really angry.

I was supposed to get the chance to know you better. I knew you enough to know that we would have been good friends. I feel robbed.

So I have decided to take my anger out on my house. It's sparkling clean now (thank you). I took advantage of my energy this morning and went to the harbour had a lovely breakfast and walk with my daughter. It was so lovely.

I have decided to not go slowly into these new friendships - I am jumping in both feet - risking it all... why? because I couldn't cope if I lost the chance again - like I did with you.

Hey - you did such a great job with your kids, and your hubby gives you 100% of the credit. We, the villagers will gather around your family now, and we will help hold them up - when they get stuck we will be there.

Your hubby and kids are staying at your folks place, your folks are really feeling it. I think they were surprised by our visit, but they were all so grateful.

The school is looking after everyone - we are so blessed to have made the decision to send the kids there - coz that's where they met, and they care so much about the well-being of the kids.

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