Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where has the law gone?

So last week the local newsagency was robbed, and our shop was robbed this week. The police? They put in their token effort.

They told us if we had the padlock they could have taken finger prints - so when the padlock showed up in our garbage we informed them... 3 times... did they come? No, we are not high enough on the priority list... hmmm

I could cite many examples of crime but you all know them just as well as I do, similarly you have no doubt heard many stories similar to ours where the police hands were tied by red-tape or lack of resources.

How am I supposed to react to not only the violation of the robbery but also how do I react to the seemingly uncaring attitude of the police?

Where are our police? Do you see them driving on our roads anymore??? Do you see them walking on our footpaths??

No one misbehaves in the school yard when the teacher is present, and similarly have you ever noticed that when a police car drives in the traffic everyone suddenly starts doing the speed limit - or lower. In lunchtime line ups, people behave just  a little better when a police officer is in their midst.

I say bring them back, I will happily support more police/fire/ambulance out of my tax dollars. They are vital, but they can't do anything proactive, they can only respond to the really truly heinous acts of crime, and then only when it's too late. So where are they? They seem to be bound up by  red tape... this is a great shame because this is how a great little town becomes a lawless one... little by little, bit by bit eroding away, until we tolerate it into a ghetto...

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