Sunday, August 21, 2011

Studying - Who's Studying?

I am sorry to inform any of you who might be interested and I haven't yet informed, that I am no longer an Uni student. Yes my first official "drop out", although that's not strictly true because I was given an "approved withdrawal" from the course.

My reasons are long and many, but first and foremost is my family needs me to work at our business for a year or so. Once this next phase of our lives is dealt with then I shall re-apply and see what I can manage to do.  I of course remain a student of life.

Today has been an interesting day. I stumbled across an old disk filled with photos and videos of our children when they were 3 and 5. How grown up they seemed to me then, how young and baby-like they seem to me now.

Several years later and I am wanting to shout to the world, " THEY GROW UP SO FAST" and yet I am perplexed at the conundrum presented before me, they are still yet so young. They still have so much growing up to do. What will the next several years mean for them (and consequently us)? What will their lives be like?
Will they even stay in Australia? I hope they look back on these days as mostly happy ones. I know that I already do.

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