Sunday, August 21, 2011

Studying - Who's Studying?

I am sorry to inform any of you who might be interested and I haven't yet informed, that I am no longer an Uni student. Yes my first official "drop out", although that's not strictly true because I was given an "approved withdrawal" from the course.

My reasons are long and many, but first and foremost is my family needs me to work at our business for a year or so. Once this next phase of our lives is dealt with then I shall re-apply and see what I can manage to do.  I of course remain a student of life.

Today has been an interesting day. I stumbled across an old disk filled with photos and videos of our children when they were 3 and 5. How grown up they seemed to me then, how young and baby-like they seem to me now.

Several years later and I am wanting to shout to the world, " THEY GROW UP SO FAST" and yet I am perplexed at the conundrum presented before me, they are still yet so young. They still have so much growing up to do. What will the next several years mean for them (and consequently us)? What will their lives be like?
Will they even stay in Australia? I hope they look back on these days as mostly happy ones. I know that I already do.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Wondering what I am studying? Me too, apparently I am about to embark upon a new journey in life. I say apparently because although I feel like this is the right time and the right place, and the right way to start my degree there is a part of me that finds this part of my journey to be surreal.

Who am I to think I belong at Uni? How do I expect to be able to find the time to do the study required? Will my children and husband cope without me "there" for them at all times of the day?

I deliberately didn't cook dinner tonight. In fact I deliberately left everything, to see if they could fend for themselves. The did, but it took until 8:30pm for this event to occur and I think then it involved a toasted cheese sandwich. Should I feel guilty about this? I did inform said husband that there was meat in the fridge to be BBQ'd, and that I was quite prepared to make a salad to accompany the meat when it was nearly ready... It didn't happen. There were other more important matters to take care of. This might seem like I'm winging to some of you, but to be honest I am not upset in the slightest, just merely perplexed by what I find important vs what my husband finds important. Our priorities do not align. Also my kids were very unsettled about going to bed, way overtired and out of sorts.

I am enrolled in Bach of Social Sciences Psychology. I hope to learn more about what makes us people tick, so to speak. But more important than that, today I discovered that I am learning about life, what works, what doesn't work, for me and mine.

I have learned a lot today, primarily through reading forum posts. I feel a little more informed which has helped me feel a lot less nervous, and even more excited about my upcoming subjects.

So as for all those questions at the beginning of this post, I guess I am me, I am curious, I expect to juggle the time, because I plan to make it work. My kids and hubby coped tonight, though I doubt I will do that often to them, dinner time within our family is just far too important to leave up in the air like that, so I have learned that I didn't like tonight's solution.

Dear reader, what did you learn today? Given your day today all over again, would you do it differently?, and if you did would you still have learnt what you did?

Yet more questions...