Monday, October 18, 2010

This day, it blossoms with the sun shining on the lake to remind me that today, this day, that has been given to me is a blessed thing.

I should be grateful for it. Yet I find myself often caught up in the hussel of the morning. Kids fed? Kids dressed? Dog Walked? DID I have breakfast? Did I brush my teeth, rush here, there around the house not quite remembering to look out the window... and yet there is it, just a glimpse of it... begging me to take a longer look...

I DID look at it, I took it in for that brief and fleeting second, I recall the sun not quite on the lake as yet but just warming the land on the otherside, making it glow in golden glory. Making magic happen right before my very eyes. I sigh, it takes my breathe away and I long to stay and look a little longer, and my daughter calls for me, the call to do her hair...

I did her hair, in fact I've done all that I was supposed to do for today, and I found 10mins to spare so what did I do, I took the time to write this here, in the hopes to really enjoy the moment. Now? Now I will go upstairs and hope to see the sun on the lake again for a few more moments before I head off to collect my children from school. I hope you get a chance to stop and really enjoy the moment today, whether it's the smile on a child's face, or the colour/smell of a flower, the tempestuous storm from which you are sheltered, or just the happiness in your heart.

Yes if you get the chance stop to smell the roses today.

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